Divscode (divscode.com) the fastest growing Internet Portal in Bangladesh, and has recently been a hotbed of innovation and extraordinary ambition. Its objective is to be the best online content portal by providing integrated view of corporate information and applications to their widely dispersed readers. Divscode focuses on publishing inspiring, entertaining and useful content.

Founded in 2017-01-23, Divscode.com and its network of websites now reach over 1k unique readers and draw more than 4k page views per month. Divscode.com community includes more than 1k followers in Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and other social media.


Divscode creates revenue in a variety of ways. In addition to advertising on the site, Divscode offers other ways to reach the clients target customers only. Divscode offers sponsored contents, sponsored videos, editorial choice articles, and campaigns on various festivals based on clients requirements. This is huge opportunity for the advertisers as we support content services, there is higher possibility to earn a great deal of money as Divscode has 4k of views per month.


Divscode  had set out its journey in 2017 with its most popular tech. Divscode  site and now it has a complete news web portal in Bangladesh. Founder and CEO of Divscode Md Hossain Shahid  had established this company to break newer grounds in online media sector and move one step forward towards a Digital Bangladesh.

Major sites of Divscode are news.Divscode.com, tech.Divscode.com, answers.Divscode.com. All the contents of Divscode.com is available in Bangla and English. Each section is enriched with information that are reliable and worth reading. The main website of Divscode.com focuses on the following contents such as News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Tech & Business, and Sports.