Possible reason What to check How to remove
You haven’t verified your identity. Have you submitted the required documents to Google? Verify your identity.
You haven’t verified your address. Have you received a PIN in the mail?

All publishers are mailed a personal identification number (PIN) when their earnings reach the verification threshold.

Enter your PIN to verify your payment address.
You haven’t set up a form of payment. Have your earnings reached the payment method selection threshold? Set up your form of payment.
You haven’t removed a self-hold. Have you chosen to pause your AdSense payments? Remove the self-hold to begin receiving payments again.
Note: You may also see payment holds for some less common payment-related issues. Any time your payments are on hold, an alert appears on your Payments page. Click the link in the alert to see the steps you need to take to remove the hold and become eligible for payment.


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